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Center Stage Academy of 

Dance and Theatre!

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Center Stage Academy of Dance and Theatre 

  Our web site is up and running, click below to take a look, see the new schedule, read about the awesome new teachers and sign up!! 

Center Stage Academy of Dance and Theatre 


Call Andrea at 207-0500 for any additional questions.

We look forward to all of these creative and exciting classes!!! 


Don't forget to try one of our Yoga classes with 

Mindy, teaching Hatha Yoga and 

Megan Rae Kahn, teaching Power Yoga.

Kat Clapp is teaching Belly dance basics Mondays from 7-8.  

Click here for all class descriptions and pricing.

If you have not ever taken a dance class now is the time!  The teachers at the Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op excel in teaching technique in a nurturing environment to quench your desire to dance!  

Let's keep dancing Salida!

  Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op teachers will notify you as soon as they can for any foreseen canceled classes and we will make sure our online schedule reflects their time gone.  Thank you for being flexible with schedueling and cancelations.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate calling Andrea at 719-207-0500 or e-mailing her at

Let the Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op teachers help your child develop the skills they need to be a dancer, performer and athlete.  

Our 1,000 sq foot studio has everything they need to lengthen, stretch and perfect their skills with plenty of room to grow!

Call Andrea at 719-207-0500 for more information on classes and studio rental.  Check out our calendar page for a daily schedule or like us on Facebook  to get instant information for upcoming workshops and class information.

Thank you for supporting dance, theater and performance in Salida at the Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op! 

One of Salida's largest and most versatile dance studio, 

Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op 

is located at the La Placita de Salida, 1548 G Street Unit 5.  

Our phone number is 719-207-0500.  

Let's keep dancing Salida!!