Check out our summer schedule on the calendar page for class descriptions!

This is the place to stretch, leap and learn 

with plenty of space to grow!

Hello Dancers,

  What a great year!!  You all did tremendously in this year’s dance recital; I am so proud of you and your achievements over the year.  I am sure many of you have fabulous vacations and other summer events planned, but don’t forget that  Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op is offering a variety of dance, movement and fitness classes over the summer.  

Dave Kurshner videotaped the entire show, if you are interested in ordering a DVD please e-mail me, cost of the DVD is $10.  

Summer Plans?  Why not Dance!!

   Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op will offer a variety of dance, movement and fitness classes over the summer.  We will update our web page regularly and hope to see you continue dancing with Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op over the summer.  We have great classes that vary from Zumba, Ballet, gymnastics, puppeteering classes and Dance Theater workshops.  There is something for everyone at any age!!  Please call or e-mail me with any questions.  


There will be several performance opportunities over the next few months.  If you would like to continue your dance participation over the summer join one of our ongoing classes.  Several teachers will be taking some time off over the summer, so the ongoing schedule might change from week to week.  The teacher will notify you as soon as they can for any foreseen canceled classes and we will make sure our online schedule reflects their time gone.  Thank you for being flexible with our summer plans.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate at calling me at 719-207-0500 or e-mailing me at

Dance is alive and well in Salida!

Let the Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op teachers help your child develop the skills they need to be a dancer, performer and athlete.  

Our 1,000 sq foot studio has everything they need to lengthen, stretch and perfect their skills with plenty of room to grow!

Call Andrea at 719-207-0500 for more information on classes and studio rental.  Check out our calendar page for a daily schedule or like us on Facebook  to get instant information for upcoming workshops and class information.

Thank you for supporting dance, theater and performance in Salida at the Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op! 

One of Salida's largest and most versatile dance studio, 

Tenderfoot Dance Co-Op 

is located at the La Placita de Salida, 1548 G Street Unit 5.  

Our phone number is 719-207-0500.  

Let's keep moving Salida!!

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